BeatleFest 2019!

Ancestra is excited to perform as part of BeatleFest this Labor Day in Spring Green, Wisconsin!

Catch us covering our Fav Fab 4:
Sunday, September 2, 12:35-12:55 pm

BeatleFest 2019
11 am – 6:30 pm
Spring Green General Store
137 South Albany St
Spring Green, Wisconsin, 53588-8802
Special Festival Menu Available
Beer and Cider Farm cider on tap in back yard

Published by ancestrasings

The trio has shared their songs of spiritual journeys, relationships, cycles of life, steamy humor and holiday cheer throughout the Madison, Wisconsin area. They've crafted their life visions into songs that speak to the many aspects of life that challenge us as we walk in a sometimes less than perfect world. The women take seriously their craft of weaving harmonies into tense dissonance and resolving into resonance that can heal the heart. They assure us with their lyrics that we are truly human, and our spirits can fly, flop, or flourish, depending on any given moment presented. And in the end, we can smile, or shed or tear, or feel our heart space crack wide open. Their music rings true to be kinder to ourselves, one another—living the heart of compassion.

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