Singing heart-centered, spirited songs

“These are women who really listen to each other; that is at the center of their magic for me. They listen from the heart, for the heart: heart of the earth, heart of the people, the heart of the ancestors. When they open their mouths to sing the heart-truths they hear, I am entranced by the imagery that flows and inspired by the blessing of their inter-resonate harmonies.” –MB

Ancestra Cave

The trio has shared their songs of spiritual journeys, relationships, cycles of life, steamy humor and holiday cheer throughout the Madison and Dane County area in Wisconsin.

They’ve crafted their life visions into songs that speak to the many aspects of life that challenge us as we walk in a sometimes less than perfect world. The women take seriously their craft of weaving harmonies into tense dissonance and resolving into resonance that can heal the heart. They assure us with their lyrics that we are truly human, and our spirits can fly, flop, or flourish, depending on any given moment presented.

And in the end, we can smile, or shed or tear, or feel our heart space crack wide open. Their music rings true to be kinder to ourselves, one another—living the heart of compassion.

Carol Harm, grew up singing, performing her first solo at the tender age of five in a Christmas pageant. Through high school, she participated in chorus and madrigal, church choir and in state music competitions with her sister. Carol has spent over a decade singing with Unity Choir and also sings spiritually-based music with the Unichicks. She began writing music in 2003 and continues to enjoy writing and creating music.

Kathryn Ripp, a third generation singer, has been vocalizing since 1975 in various ensembles, mostly singing spiritual and healing music. She began songwriting by making up silly songs for her kids when they were little. She loves to harmonize with others, especially her two children who are now in their 20s. She also sings with Much Better Barefoot (husband Joe is the drummer) and Indra Adhira, a kirtan band based at Unity of Madison.

Lauranne Bailey has sung with a variety of local rock and country bands throughout Dane County since 1979. She stepped out of the club circuit in the last century and has been vocally challenging herself with blending, rhythmic sounds, and jazz improv. She also sings with her husband, Merle and enjoys drumming, playing her flutes,  and singing medicine songs with friends.

Copyright 2021, Ancestra LLC

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