Ancestra Singing into 2015

Join us THIS Sunday and in other upcoming gigs: February 22, 8:30 am and 10:30 am Special Music, Unity of Madison For May… May Day: (May 1), Spring Splash of Poetry, Music and Dance! Mystery to Me Bookstore (look for many artists from the famed Love and Lust event of lore). For August… August 16 (Sunday), Monona Farmer’s Market, AhuskaContinue reading “Ancestra Singing into 2015”

Ancestra in 2014 (first half)

In case you missed us: February 7, annual Love and Lust Poetry and Music at A Room of One’s Own February 9, Unity of Madison You can catch us in the next couple of weeks: May 20, MG&E Shareholders Annual Meeting, Marriott-Madison West (open to MG&E shareholders ;-)) June 8 (Sunday), Monona Farmer’s Market, AhuskaContinue reading “Ancestra in 2014 (first half)”