Three Hearts, One Dream, 2015

Living First Peace, 2009 (limited edition extended play, multimedia)

You Remind Me of Someone, 2007

Purchase Online (take a listen, too!)

CD Baby

Madison, Wisconsin
Mimosa Bookstore, 260 W Gilman Street
Unity of Madison, 601 Tompkins Drive

Living First Peace
My Baby

Copyright 2016, Ancestra, LLC

2 Responses to Music

  1. Kathy Miner says:

    To whom it may concern, I am a volunteer at Simply Folk at Wisconsin Public Radio. We have had a listener request for your music for our Oct. 14 show. We do not currently have any of your CDs in our library. If you send one to us (821 University Ave, Madison 53706), we would be happy to oblige our listener. Please mark the envelope for Simply Folk/Stephanie Elkins.
    Thanks! Kathy Miner, WPR volunteer

  2. To our fan who requested this…may your life be filled with abundance and joy!

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