Three Hearts, One Dream, Copyright 2015, Ancestra, LLC

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Ancestra leads the listener through many journeys in life…from inspiration of watching friends and family heal from illness in relation to our relation with the earth (What We Do to the Earth), to relationships of all kinds (Until You Know, Woman on the Verge, Be Somebody), to the cycles of life, including death: (Crone, Woman, Mother, Child Girl, Grace is Here, Carry Me), to lighthearted, steamy humor (Twilight Lust), to spiritual journies (Lake of the Clouds :: North Star, Living FIrst Peace, The Journey).

Two cover tunes are included on this album as they are band favorites: Wild Things, a remake of Cris Williamson’s 70’s tune, and Kinder, a song recorded by copper wimmin.

We had so much fun recording this in the Audio Architect studio with Phil Ryan…adding in effects here and there.

People sometime ask each of us…are you a soprano, an alto? We like to think we are versatile women who can sing many parts. On this album, we hear Kathryn sing a bass line in Be Somebody and move up to her higher register in Wild Things and The Journey. Carol and Lauranne think they sing some of the best wind effects around in Wild Things and The Journey. We choose to stay out of the box with each new song we write and arrange.

We are grateful that we could record Kinder in the chapel of Sinsinawa Mound Center in the beautiful driftless area of Southwestern Wisconsin. The acoustics are so amazing, that this version IS the live cut. No changes needed.

To the young tweens and adolescents (Hannah Ripp-Dieter, Savannah Sarbacker, Lillian Schroeder, Isaac Robertson) who recorded The Journey with us many years ago at Madison Media Institute…we took your tracks and sang over them for this recording. Now you are young adults making your own way in the world. So beautiful to watch you grow up into the beautiful humans you deserve to be.

Oh yea, everyone…please, be kinder…every moment.

Click on links below for lyrics to our songs.

09 Wild Things Copyright 1975 Cris Williamson “The Changer and the Changed”
13 Kinder Copyright 2004 copper wimmin “The Right to Be Here”
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