Great Spirit

Autumn sun through burnt sienna trees
Autumn night its moonbeams beckon me
To the dance of falling leaves
O Great Spirit set me free

Evening air is crisp the stars shine bright
Filling night with ethereal light
My heart longs for something more
O Great Spirit, show what life is for

Moon pulls tides, tugs my heart
Foolish pride, tears me apart
Sister Moon, make me whole
Mother Earth heal my soul

Smoky spirals from burning leaves
Haunting me with memories
Wounded hearts ancient tears
O Great Spirit soothe my fears

O bright stars on dark waters shine
Twinkling lights like diamonds in my mind
Through my darkness I come to find
O Great Spirit make me wise

Copyright 2007
Carol Harm, Lauranne Bailey, Kathryn Ripp
You Remind Me of Someone

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